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Enhancing Veteran Affairs through the Million Veterans Program

Written by Asad Imtiaz

Seasoned Solutions Architect with experience in designing, deploying, and maintaining enterprise-level applications. Specializes in AWS, cybersecurity, and DevOps, ensuring system reliability and business continuity for diverse clients.

January 11, 2021

Case Study: Enhancing Veteran Affairs through the Million Veterans Program


One Dynamic, a leading technology solutions provider, partnered with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to support its mission-critical activities, including healthcare services, benefits administration, national cemeteries management, and emergency preparedness. One of the key initiatives undertaken was the implementation of the Million Veterans Program (MVP), aimed at understanding the interplay of genes, lifestyle, and military exposures on veterans’ health and illness.

Project Overview:

The Million Veterans Program (MVP) is a national research program focused on gathering data from veterans to analyze how various factors impact health outcomes. One Dynamic played a pivotal role in developing and maintaining the technological infrastructure necessary for the success of the MVP initiative. This included creating surveys, appointment systems, e-consent mechanisms, and e-diaries, all geared toward facilitating data collection and analysis.

Challenges Faced:
  • Ensuring data privacy and security: Given the sensitive nature of health-related data, maintaining robust security measures was paramount to protect veterans’ privacy.
  • Scalability: As the program aimed to enroll many veterans, the technological solution needed to be scalable to accommodate a growing participant base.
  • User Experience: Designing user-friendly interfaces was essential to encourage veterans to actively participate in the program.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensuring the reliability, accuracy, and usability of the technological solutions was critical to the success of the MVP initiative.
Solution Implemented:

One Dynamic’s team leveraged its expertise in database planning, systems analysis, integration, quality assurance, and design to address the challenges faced by the VA. Key solutions implemented include:

  • Development of custom modules and integration of internal and third-party products to streamline data collection and management processes.
  • Creation of a responsive web application for the VA, ensuring accessibility across devices and platforms.
  • Incorporation of social networking features such as commenting and rating to encourage engagement and collaboration among participants.
  • Implementation of streamlined navigation menus and unique page layouts to enhance the overall user experience.
  • Rigorous quality assurance testing conducted throughout the development process to identify and address any issues or bugs, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of the technological solutions.
Results Achieved:
  • Over 825,000 veteran partners have joined the MVP initiative, making it one of the largest programs on genetics and health globally.
  • The VA’s digital capabilities have been significantly enhanced, allowing for quick deployment of new websites with custom functionality tailored to specific missions and audiences.
  • Improved user experience has led to increased participant engagement and data collection rates.
  • The streamlined data management processes have enhanced the VA’s ability to analyze and derive insights from the collected data, contributing to advancements in healthcare research and policy formulation.

Through the successful implementation of the Million Veterans Program and the associated technological solutions, One Dynamic has played a crucial role in supporting the VA’s mission of providing world-class benefits and services to veterans. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and expertise in database management, systems analysis, quality assurance, and design, One Dynamic has helped advance healthcare research while ensuring the highest standards of compassion, commitment, and integrity are maintained in serving those who have served their nation.

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