Application & Architecture

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Cloud Services

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Agile Software Development

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Enterprise Applications

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Application & Architecture

Take a step forward in achieving your business objective custom web application development services provided by One Dynamic. Investing in creating custom web apps and web-based software, will help your company thrive and help you succeed.

Custom web application development services offered by One Dynamic’s seasoned developers will help you simultaneously reach several customers. One Dynamic’s engineers create web applications that are fully functional, work with different databases, languages (PHP, HTML, ASP &.NET) and APIs, incorporate scaling and integrate with other resources.

Cloud Management & Architecture

One Dynamic experts are fed with the skill required to deliver managed cloud management solutions, whether you are looking for public, private or other advanced managed cloud services, One Dynamic has the means to help you manage your multi-cloud environment with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.

Blockchain Servises

The Blockchain is a distributed system that records peer to peer transactions, tracks the changes across networks, and stores and exchanges data for cryptographies. Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize healthcare, placing the patient at the core of the healthcare ecosystem and enhancing the security, privacy, integrity, and interoperability of health data. This technology will offer a new, more effective and secure model for health information exchanges (HIE).

Enterprise Applications

Gain a competitive advantage and further your mission with customized software for your entire enterprise. Enterprise management continues to be a challenge in healthcare IT; this is a critical part of maintaining the stability and reliability of clinical and financial systems that support the delivery of healthcare services. Deploying proactive monitoring and administration of all hospital infrastructure and application technology must evolve with the dynamic healthcare ecosystem that seems to change daily.

Digital Transformation

Technology has both tangible and intangible benefits for the business firms and the associated stakeholders. Many of the federal agencies and commercial enterprises suffer from significant challenges that can be resolved through digital transformation. Outdated legacy technology is a primary issue in most federal agencies. According to an article published by The Hill, 61% of the federal IT officials confirmed the rising information security concerns due to legacy systems and technology.

Agile Software Development

We master iterative delivery of project deliverables, rapid and flexible response to change, and harnessing feedback to improve user-focused results are all hallmarks of software development approaches and frameworks. One Dynamic has qualified Agilists that excel in educating our clients on Agile process solutions at the program and delivery team levels, in addition to implementing Agile in our own development work.

Drupal Development

Drupal is an open-source content management framework developed in PHP and it comes with a wide range of features to enhance scalability and security while enriching the dynamic web experiences. We utilize the agile development frameworks to deliver Drupal projects to Federal Agencies and Commercial Clients.

IT Modernization

One Dynamic empowers you to boost your company’s Agility, scalability, and flexibility and help you achieve successful business outcomes. Our IT Modernization Services give you the to expand business operations, incorporate new revenue sources, and include new partners for effective growth. Complexities in managing the data sets, high maintenance costs, and increased infrastructure costs are other prominent issues.

Java Development

We provide our clients with a wide range of Java Development Services to experience the benefits that come along with the programming language. Our offshore global delivery center has the skilled resources with specialization in the Java programming language to develop and deploy the best-in-class solutions for our customers.

Security Framework

One Dynamic offers effective, high-quality solutions for companies seeking strategic partners to outsource their cybersecurity management. Monitoring and analysis of security incidents, Penetration Tests, Vulnerability Scans are just some of our services.
One Dynamic aligns these services directly with business and operational objectives and assists clients in complying with their IT governance processes, managing corporate risk and ensuring compliance with state legislation, legal frameworks and industry standards.

Web Development

Web applications have become a key part of the business world. By using it, businesses can grow, simplify and achieve their objectives much faster. Companies can no longer see their market share growing without having an appropriate web application. Investing in the development of custom web apps helps organizations reach new customers.

Digital Marketing

One Dynamic delivers a strategic yet creative social media communications agency based on competitive research to amplify your brand’s presence in the digital realm. We identify target audiences, create, develop and implement the right message to communicate with the target audience in an impactful & engaging way through relevant social platforms. Equipped with the proper social listening tools, we implement social media marketing campaigns for our clients that adds value to their communication all over. All you have to do is tell us a little about your brand and let us create the perfect story for your brand. We love to design and create artworks which portray the essence of your organization, giving it a boost forward from the rest of the competition. Our social media strategies encircle all elements required to elevate your brand name on all digital platforms through precise content designed for all platforms. If you’re out there looking for a team of enthusiastic and fun-loving people who work hard and deliver results, One Dynamic the way to go.

Our Culture

We believe in creating a work culture that is perfectly in sync with our core values. Nurturing progressive, inclusive and diverse teams that exude professionalism, go-getting attitudes and a knack of problem solving to create a lasting impact. Members of the company’s leadership team extend their mentorship beyond the workplace. No matter their level, employees feel valued in all aspects of their lives, including both their professional and personal aspirations.